The Source Live

The Source Live! is a brand new web series from PRO*ACT to bring you timely information highlighting upcoming and current trends, potential disruptions, growing region updates, and education throughout the supply chain.

Episode 6 – Romaine Outlook & Labor Update – April 26, 2017

Most growers have completed the transition to the Salinas Valley, and have faced some tough conditions due to a wetter than usual winter and spring. John Scherpinski from D’Arrigo Brothers of California shares a short and long-term outlook for Romaine, a look at current specs, and an update on some of the labor challenges growers are facing.

Episode 5 – Taylor Farms Transition – April 12, 2017

We talk to our friends at Taylor Farms about what it takes to move their operations from Yuma, AZ to their Salinas, CA facilities for processing row crops. We also get a short term outlook about the crops coming up in the Salinas Valley.

Episode 4 – Salinas Broccolini® – April 5, 2017

Our friends at Mann Packing share how rain in the Salinas Valley has caused issues for their Broccolini® harvest, and the short term outlook for supply.

Episode 3 – Watsonville Strawberries – April 3, 2017

Strawberries are being sourced from Southern California, and are starting their season in the Salinas Valley with a strong harvest forecasted. We talk to Tom Smith from California Giant who shares how the past few months have led to a positive outlook for this year’s strawberry crop.

Episode 2 – Salinas Row Crop Transition – March 24, 2017

Row crops from Romaine to Spring Mix are beginning the transition from the Yuma growing region, to the Salinas Valley. Here is a look at what to expect during the next few weeks.

Episode 1 – Watsonville Broccoli Outlook – March 24, 2017

This week focuses on broccoli and cauliflower conditions. With the increased rainfall in January and February, PRO*ACT’s Gabe Romero shares what to expect to see in these products.

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