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The Source Live! is a brand new web series from PRO*ACT to bring you timely information highlighting upcoming and current trends, potential disruptions, growing region updates, and education throughout the supply chain.

 Episode 16 – Carrots with Grimmway Farms – August 8, 2017

We visited with VP of Sales Eric Proffitt at Grimmway Farms to learn about how they harvest carrots, the different growing regions for different seed varieties, and how they plant and process the different varieties to ensure they are producing the desired crop.

 Episode 15 – Raspberries with Driscoll’s – July 26, 2017

We visited with Driscoll’s to discuss the different cropping cycles and growing regions, including both California and Mexico productions, and how different raspberry varieties are propagated within those growing districts. Additionally, we learned a bit about varietal development and how Driscoll’s continues to work to combat the different challenges that arise in raspberry production, such as heat and labor.



Episode 14 – Melons with Custom Produce – July 20, 2017

We caught up with Custom Produce and West Side Produce in Huron, CA to discussed the differences in harvesting with the varieties of melons. We learned about the impact of weather on labor, production, and quality of the melon, as well as how to notice the differences between the LSL and the Western cantaloupe varieties.

Episode 13 – Grapes with FreshLink – July 17, 2017

We took trip down to the valley to touch in with Fresh-Link Fruit and long time partner VBZ Grapes to discuss the impact of the heat on different varieties of grapes, labor, and employee safety. We also discussed volume expectations as transition is underway. The spring crop is just about finished in Mexico and the Coachella Valley, while San Joaquin Valley just started production and will continue to head north up the valley until December.

Episode 12 – Avocados with Mission Produce – July 5, 2017

We joined Mission Produce in one of their orchards in Ventura County, CA to learn a bit about sizing, fruit grading, and address misconceptions of size and yield. We also touched in on what gives the Flor Loca crop its nickname of the ‘crazy bloom,’ and what to expect from that crop this season.

Episode 11 – Strawberries with Driscoll’s – June 30, 2017

This week we spent valuable time learning from our friends at Driscoll’s about the current outlook for strawberries, how the weather has created unique challenges for the current season, the different varieties that Driscoll’s brings to market, as well as some insight on their table-top growing system.

Episode 10 – Avocados with Mission Produce – June 14, 2017

We visited the new Mission Produce packing facilities in Oxnard to discuss the current Avocado harvest here and abroad. We learned how they distribute product from international groves, the sizing variations, and grades within those regions, and the outlook for the upcoming summer season and beyond.

Episode 9 – Citrus with Sunkist – June 12, 2017

This week we visited our friends at Sunkist in Ventura county to discuss the current and projected supply for lemons, the impact of the California drought on citrus, and outlook for supply of the Golden Nugget Mandarin.

Episode 8 – Lettuce at Ippolito International – May 19, 2017

This week we touch in with our friends at Ippolito International to talk about the availability of lettuce and Ippolito’s diversification of growing regions throughout the Salinas Valley.

Episode 7 – Shipping at Taylor Farms – May 12, 2017

We talk with our friends at Taylor Farms about transportation and docking on one of the busiest shipping days of the year, the Monday before Mother’s Day! Take a look as we discuss the logistics and coordination of trucks and fresh produce.

Episode 6 – Romaine Outlook & Labor Update – April 26, 2017

Most growers have completed the transition to the Salinas Valley, and have faced some tough conditions due to a wetter than usual winter and spring. John Scherpinski from D’Arrigo Brothers of California shares a short and long-term outlook for Romaine, a look at current specs, and an update on some of the labor challenges growers are facing.

Episode 5 – Taylor Farms Transition – April 12, 2017

We talk to our friends at Taylor Farms about what it takes to move their operations from Yuma, AZ to their Salinas, CA facilities for processing row crops. We also get a short term outlook about the crops coming up in the Salinas Valley.

Episode 4 – Salinas Broccolini® – April 5, 2017

Our friends at Mann Packing share how rain in the Salinas Valley has caused issues for their Broccolini® harvest, and the short term outlook for supply.

Episode 3 – Watsonville Strawberries – April 3, 2017

Strawberries are being sourced from Southern California, and are starting their season in the Salinas Valley with a strong harvest forecasted. We talk to Tom Smith from California Giant who shares how the past few months have led to a positive outlook for this year’s strawberry crop.

Episode 2 – Salinas Row Crop Transition – March 24, 2017

Row crops from Romaine to Spring Mix are beginning the transition from the Yuma growing region, to the Salinas Valley. Here is a look at what to expect during the next few weeks.

Episode 1 – Watsonville Broccoli Outlook – March 24, 2017

This week focuses on broccoli and cauliflower conditions. With the increased rainfall in January and February, PRO*ACT’s Gabe Romero shares what to expect to see in these products.

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