Partners Committed to Fresh Food Excellence

PRO*ACT is a national network of local distributors with the mission to maximize the sustainable competitive advantage of the PRO*ACT value chainOur goal is to streamline the supply chain to provide cost benefits and a simple process for securing the freshest produce from third-party inspected distribution centers across the globe.  

Today, the PRO*ACT network is strong, and our collective power is impressive:

  • Millions of cases of produce purchased annually 
  • 84 distribution centers and growing  
  • Millions of square feet of warehouse space 
  • Thousands of distribution trucks 

Beyond the Numbers

The majority of our distributors are family-owned businesses operating under third-or fourth generation leadership. They have roots in their communities, are committed to quality and possess deep industry knowledge that they’re proud to share. Whether at the local, regional or national account level, the PRO*ACT network helps to simplify and streamline the challenging fresh food category.

The Perfect Order

At PRO*ACT, all of our distributors are committed to achieving the perfect order. That means delivering the right product at the right time, meeting the right specs and all at the right price. It’s a lofty goal, but that’s how we achieve excellence.

We back this commitment to excellence with data. We measure our performance, monitor it and continually work to improve it. And we share detailed reports and metrics on items like price verification and fill rate.

Bottom line, we are committed to our customers’ success. We have a track record of doing whatever it takes to meet and exceed their needs.

We are Pro*Act.

We Deliver Partnerships.

We Deliver Success.

We Deliver Quality.

We Deliver Service.

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