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Apr 8, 2022

Monterey, CA, April 6, 2022 – Strategic Sourcing International, LLC (SSI), a Delaware

Corporation announces that it has secured funding for future investments in all facets of the

produce supply chain. Established with the intent to create a synergistic alignment within its

portfolio of companies, SSI is the parent company of PRO*ACT LLC with minority investments in

other vertical companies. CEO, Chip Walker, says “we see great potential for growth and

innovation within the produce supply chain as we open our portfolio of services to the

industry. We have assembled a team of industry leaders, innovators, and investors who have

an aligned desire and vision to accomplish this”


About Strategic Sourcing International, LLC

Strategic Sourcing Solutions is an investment, growth, and management company overseeing the

multipronged produce supply chain companies within its portfolio. They are North America’s leader

in produce sourcing, processing, logistics, food safety, and marketing.



PRO*ACT is North America’s leading distributor of fresh food to the foodservice and retail

industries, sourcing from premier national, regional, and local suppliers. PRO*ACT distributors work

in their regions to bring fresh produce to over 200k restaurants, airports, hospitals, schools, grocery

stores, and other customers of all shapes and sizes. PRO*ACT has grown to over 100 distribution

centers serving 98.4% of the United States and Canada population.


FOR RELEASE: April 6, 2022

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