Leaders in the Industry – Meyree Escobar

I Learned from the Best


When asked what she likes best about working in the produce industry, Meyree Escobar flashes a smile as she immediately answers: “The fast pace. I’ve never been intimated about how quickly everything moves and how quickly needs or problems can arise – because that’s when I get to provide solutions.”

Meyree has been in the fresh produce industry for only four years – first as an account assistant, then an account manager, and now a senior account manager – but she’s feared working in the sometimes-chaotic world of perishable logistics, which may be due to her upbringing.

“I grew up with a mother that worked hard to raise me and my ten brothers and sisters in a world that was foreign to her outside our four walls.” Meyree pauses for emphasis “she was tireless – cooking, cleaning, getting us out the door on time for school. She was an amazing example to me.”

In her role at PRO*ACT overseeing a team of account managers serving independent foodservice distributors across the United States and Canada – Meyree harnesses some of the lessons of her childhood as she is a blur of activity while remaining calm and steady with her accounts and team.

“I’m like that duck – gliding across the surface of the water while paddling furiously underneath,” Meyree laughs.

“Since the day she got here, Meyree has been the combination of hungry, humble, and smart that we look for in our employees. She cares about the people she serves and the people she serves alongside,” shared PRO*ACT’s Director of Procurement Mike Gorczyca. “She has stepped up with her accounts and the personnel that she manages.”

Meyree feels grateful for the opportunities PRO*ACT has given her to grow, including trips to visit growing regions in Washington, Idaho, and Southern California with the procurement team. “This was huge for me. To see how apples, citrus, potatoes, and avocadoes are grown, harvested, graded, and packaged was so eye-opening to see the balance.”

Balance is a crucial word at home for Meyree, who finds time to invest in her husband and two young daughters. “I have a stay-at-home husband who has prioritized my career over his, which gives me the space to accelerate my growth. He and I both want my girls to grow up with that example of a hard-working mother when I was younger. I learned from the best; I want my girls to have that opportunity as well.”

Thanks, Meyree, for your example of hard work in our industry!


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