PRO*ACT: Connecting Our Community

During this time of uncertainty, PRO*ACT is working with our supply chain partners to continue our mission to bring fresh foods to consumers from coast to coast. Throughout the PRO*ACT network, partners are taking steps to keep fresh produce moving through the supply chain and to support each other as a community.

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This page is designed to share those efforts, and bring our community closer, during a time of distance. If you have anything you would like to see added, please reach out to


From donations to food banks, to working alongside foodservice and retail customers to build community programs, to offering direct-to-consumer produce boxes and home deliveries, our distributors have been finding ways to keep their communities fed.

During a time of social distancing, PRO*ACT and its distributors are bringing fresh produce boxes to communities across the US through partnerships with foodservice operators, local independent restaurants, online ordering, and curbside pick-up.

See more of what our distributors are doing to connect and support their communities at:

For information and access to distributor resources, please contact Brian Denton:


Foodservice outlets from coast to coast have partnered with food banks, developed kitchens to feed furloughed workers, and worked alongside suppliers and distributors to creatively feed their communities.

For information and access to customer resources, please contact Kristie Waters:

Supplier Partners

As always, our valued partners are working tirelessly to keep fresh product moving through the supply chain.

Many of our suppliers have contributed resources for those looking for direction/inspiration on how to best utilize fresh products. Their expertise and insights are helping consumers learn how to continue to eat healthily during these difficult times.

Tips and tricks, recipes, and resources are available at Colorful Plates at:

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