PRO*ACT Distributor Programs

During a time of uncertainty and limited operational services of foodservice outlets, PRO*ACT and its distributors are bringing fresh produce boxes to communities across the US through partnerships with foodservice operators, local independent restaurants, online ordering, and curbside pickup.
Consumers are able to avoid crowds and practice social-distancing by ordering pre-packed boxes of fruit and vegetables that feed a family of four for up to a week through participating restaurants and distributors and picking them up curbside. We are proud to be a part of a network that takes action in caring for and connecting our communities.

Want to become a Pick-Up Location, or partner with our distributors on fresh produce box opportunities? Please contact Mackenzie Lovelace ( for more information.

Produce Box Direct

Many of our distributors are taking advantage of the ‘Produce Box Direct’ program, where consumers can order repacked boxes of fresh produce directly from the website, select a pick-up location and pay online, then pick-up directly! They can then pick their order up curbside and avoid bustling grocery stores. Boxes can be ordered directly through

Seashore Fruit & Produce | Vineland, New Jersey

Family Tree Produce | Anaheim, California

Foster-Caviness | Greensboro, North Carolina

Costa Fruit & Produce | Boston, Massachusetts

Direct-to-Consumer Distributor Programs

Many of PRO*ACT’s distributors have begun implementing their own direct-to-consumer programs to bring fresh produce boxes to their communities. See below on how the PRO*ACT network continues to bring fresh produce to the center of the table, whether that be a chef’s table, or the family dinner table.

Get Fresh Produce | Las Vegas, Nevada | Offering curbside pick-up in partnership with Rachel’s Kitchen, at multiple locations:

Hardie’s | Austin, Houston, & Dallas, Texas | Offering curbside pick-up:

Ole Tyme Produce | St. Charles, MissouriOffering curbside pick-up:

T&T Produce | Ringgold, GA | Offering curbside pick-up:

Costa Fruit & Produce | Boston, MA | Offering curbside pick-up

Loffredo Fresh Foods | Des Moines, Iowa & Kansas City, Missouri | Offering curbside pick-up:

Freedom Fresh | Miami, Florida | Offering curbside pick-up:

Hector Larivee | Montreal, Canada | Offering curbside pick-up:

Piazza Produce | Indianapolis, Indiana| Offering curbside pick-up:

Vinyard Fruit & Vegetable Co. | Oklahoma City, OK | Offering curbside pick-up:

Foster-Caviness | Greensboro, North Carolina | Offering curbside pick-up via ProduceBoxDirect AND direct call-in:

Seashore Fruit & Produce | Vineland, New Jersey |Offering curbside pick-up via ProduceBoxDirect AND direct call-in:

Produce Source Partners | Roanoke & Ashland, Virginia | Offering curbside pick-up:

Pacific Coast Fruit Co. | Portland, Oregon | Offering curbside pick-up:

Premier ProduceOne | Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Ohio | Offering curbside pick-up:

Pocono ProFoods | East Stroudsburg & Bethlehem, Pennsylvania | Offering curbside pick-up:

Bulk Order Delivery

Our network is facilitating bulk orders of product for various alternative channels that are in the need of fresh produce. Many PRO*ACT distributors are willing and ready to assist in reduced-contact distribution of fresh produce boxes through:

  • Daily pallet deliveries to food bank distribution centers
  • Daily deliveries to local mobile drop-points (hotels, restaurants, churches, etc.)
  • Last mile distribution solutions (ex: delivering boxes door to door for high-risk families)

While there are variations and minimum’s within the delivery requirements, distributors that offering bulk delivery services include:

Antonucci’s Foods | Gloversville, New York

Capitol City Produce | Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Charlie’s Produce | Seattle & Spokane, Washington

Costa Fruit and Produce |Boston, Massachusetts

Family Tree | Orange County & Los Angeles

Foster-Caviness | Greensboro, Raleigh, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, North Carolina

Freedom Fresh | Miami, Florida

General Produce | Sacramento, California

Get Fresh Produce | Las Vegas, Nevada

Loffredo Fresh Foods | Des Moines, Iowa

Muir Copper Canyon Farms \ Salt Lake City, Utah

Pacific Coast Fruit Co | Portland, Oregon

Paragon Foods | Warrendale, Pennsylvania

Piazza Produce | Indianapolis, Indiana

Premier Produce One | Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Ohio

Seashore Fruit & Produce | Vineland, New Jersey

For more information on bulk delivery opportunities in your area, please contact Mackenzie Lovelace (

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